Data Provision/Information for Researcher

Schedule of Availability of Service:

From Monday to Friday
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Who May Avail of the Service?

Researchers, Students, Government and Non-Government Offices / Agencies


31 minutes (On official working hours)

StepClientService ProviderDurationRequirements or FormsFeesPerson ResponsibilitiesLocation
1Fill-up the Client Slip Form and leave your I.D. / request letter from the School / Agency / Company at the PADO

Provides a Client Slip Form and ask for valid I.D. / request letter from the school / agency / company.

5 minsClient Slip Form
Valid I.D.
Request Letter

No Fees

Melchora Dela CruzAdministrative Division
Checks the information provided by the client and endorses the researcher to the Research and Statistics Division.No Fees
2Give your accomplished Client Slip to the assigned staff at the Research and Statistics Division.Gets the client slip from the client.

Locates the data/document requested by the client.
15 minsClient Slip Form

No Fees

Maria Lourdes Soriano
Acela Arcelona
Rodolfo Sison
Hirson Hidalgo

Research and Statistics Division

If data requested concerns Plans/Programs, endorses client to Assistant PPDC or Planning Division

If reserchers need to photocopy documents, instruct him/her to return all documents at a specific time and records them in the logbook

No Fees

Rowena Ignacio
Bernardo Barrozo
Wilma Bravo
Analyn Cervantes

Plans and Programs Division
3Return all borrowed documents / data on the specified time / dateChecks if all documents / data are complete, and returns Client Slip marked as “Cleared” to the researcher.5 minsClient SlipNo FeesMaria Lourdes SorianoResearch and Statistics Division
4Present Client Slip marked as “Cleared” to the PADO to retrieve I.D.5 mins

Client Survey

No FeesMelchora Dela CruzAdministrative Division